Kokum is the Cree word for Grandmother. In the Cree tribes of what is now Western Canada, the women, and the elders in particular, were revered members of the tribe because they played an integral part in daily life. They were vital to the survival of the tribe. 

Today, the elder women are collectively no longer required to oversee the logistical and domestic daily operations of the whole tribe. Kokum today has the luxury of being much more focused on her grandchildren - looked to for stories, fine traditional craft, and traditional foods. She is the backbone of tradition. 

Our Kokum is Sandra Mae, who spent her early childhood on the Peepeekisis reserve in southern Saskatchewan, learning her early kitchen skills in her Kokum`s kitchen. As a result, naturally, Sandra`s kitchen, like most Kokums' kitchens, is almost always resplendent with the aroma of various goodies (sometimes traditional, sometimes not so traditional). She still makes quilts to keep her tribe warm. She has spent years keeping her young tribe members moving in the right direction. All of these things she does with love and wisdom. The kitchen is really where her heart is, however.
​Now she oversees and gives guidance, inspiration and wisdom to everything that happens in her kitchen whenever she`s not doing things herself. We at Kokum's Kitchen want to share her traditions and modern creations with you, to bring you the comfort and warmth that she has lovingly provided for decades. 

Come in, pull up a chair by the wood-burning stove, stay a while and enjoy.

Hiy Hiy. Thank you.

About Kokum and Her Kitchen

Kokum's Kitchen fare will be available at an Edmonton area Farmer's Market near you in 2017. Look for the convenience of pre-ordering online, and picking up your order at the market - no risk of missing out on your favourite items if you don't get there early. Check back often for updates!

Kokum's Kitchen


The fire is always going.